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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spa Night: False Lashes Daydreaming

I LOVE false eyelashes. Or I used to. Now I love the idea of them and daydream about those good old days when I used to wear them. Here's a quick history about me and falsies.

No falsies, Baby Boy was 3 months old.

Me lately looking at my funny boy in the mirror. No falsies. I miss 'em!

The following photos are all of me wearing natural looking false lashes. I worked very hard (trimming, careful application, etc) to make it look inconspicuous and eventually wore them almost every day because with all that practice, it took me no time at all to apply them. I wanted to wear them for Hubby and my anniversary dinner last year and was frustrated to find that I'd lost the knack! Well, after over 2 years of not wearing them, I guess that's normal. My girly heart was sad, though. Anyway, here's a short collection of some falsie pics. And it's no coincidence that they are all pre-baby :)

Wedding day. I was absolutely wearing them that day! Here I have a mix of soft black and brown lashes with a sheer golden shadow on my eyes. I was really happy with how the brown lashes and gold shadow made my baby browns pop. Plus, we had a great photographer who I'm sure helped me along in the editing department *wink*

Married nearly a year. Very subtle top lash falsies in black.

Pregnant with Baby Boy! Black falsies on the outer corners of my top lids.

7 months pregnant with Baby Boy. Black falsies on my lower lids. They don't just belong on the top! I loved changing it up with wearing some only on the bottom lid sometimes.
I'm with my niece Dianna. Isn't she beautiful?

So... all that to say, I know I'm about to have a child in the next 4 weeks and will probably have even less time to get prettified in the mornings, but I want to wear falsies again! I just bought 10 pair on ebay for about 14 cents each. Ooh yeah. Gotta love buying in bulk from across the pond :) Anyway, I figure when I have the time I won't feel guilty about messing them up while I practice.

For tonight's spa night I'm doing a foot soak, repairing one of my finger nails (yes! I broke one already! So soon after my spa visit. grrrr) and dyeing my hair. Oh hush, it's ammonia free dye and temporary, so don't get all worried for Baby Belly. I'm just trying out a slightly lighter shade of brunette.

What will you do to pamper yourself this week? Take the time... you won't regret it and your family will appreciate not dealing with Mama bear all week :) Have a fabulous Spa Night, Beauties!

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