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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mark it off the List!: Plastic Bag Dispenser

I finally have a place for the many plastic bags from shopping trips! We try to take our sturdy reusable bags to the store, but we still end up with plastic bags from last minute trips. We have way less disposable bags now, and I like to think we're reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world. But the ones we inevitably bring home are given a longer life span in craft projects or to line bathroom waste baskets, which I know is something everybody does. So until they are reused, we can stuff 'em in this handy dispenser and free up another cupboard for kitchen stuff! More storage space is a good thing.

My mom always had a few of these in the house and I always thought it was a great idea. I really like how this project turned out! Using an old tea towel, I saved myself from having to hem each side. Ah, yes, I love easy projects. All that was left was to sew the long ends together, add elastic to the bottom edge, and a ribbon loop to the top one. Et voila....

Elastic end, keeping the bags in place, but stretchy enough to let you pull one out when needed.

Loop of ribbon so it can hang instead of taking up space on a shelf.

 Until the next project then...

UPDATE: 8/8/2010 I'm linking to:
The Girl Creative

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