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Sunday, May 2, 2010

REVIEW: Rice Water Toner

I'm loving this new toner! The rice water is amazing! I like it so much better than the Healing Toner I've used forever and that's saying a whole lot because the Healing Toner has been a longtime favorite of mine. Using the Rice Water Toner every morning and evening, so far I've noticed brighter, younger looking skin, less oilyness throughout the day and a more even skin tone.

Also, my hunch about the tea tree oil was right! I'm pretty excited about that. The toner stayed fresh in the fridge for 4 days. I'm pretty sure it would've been good for 5 or 6, but I replaced my stash with fresh rice water on day 4 when I made a pot of rice. Just to be safe. And also to leave me with good toner in case the first bottle went bad before I needed to make more rice.

Not only is the rice water cheaper than my previous homemade toner (since it's from water I would usually throw away), it smells much nicer. No lingering vinegar scent, which is a bonus. I still think my first toner is great! I just have a new favorite.

Bottom line: Rice Water Toner gets an A+

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