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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now What?

I need to get back into a routine. Not having one has been wreaking havoc on my daily schedule, or lack of one. So, in an effort to do that, I'm starting on some projects. Well, let's say I'm thinking about a few projects. Here's one item in particular that I can't figure out what to use it for, but when I saw it while I was out thrifting, I plunked down 2 bucks and brought it home for a makeover. I want it to be functional, but not necessarily what it was originally.

The left side is missing the fancy "S" shaped bit that can be seen on the right. I'll probably remove the remaining one. There's a bit of rust, which should be camouflaged easily with some sanding and the new coat of paint.

Obviously, it was a little shelf and hand towel rack that could be attached to a wall with screws. It could be a great place to put my growing collection of scarves. By growing, I mean I used to have one and now I have four. I know, drastic change, huh? Still, I'd like somewhere to put them and have hesitated getting more when I see them at a great price because of the lack of storage. For scarf storage, I'd paint it silver (to go with the master bedroom theme) and mount it to the wall for some pretty and functional storage.

The other option. Yeah, I flipped over the first photo. Anyone with extreme vertigo, avert your eyes.
Turn it over, attach it to a kitchen wall just above the counter top and Voila! A pretty cookbook/ recipe holder. My counter space is very limited and making things from my cookbooks is a bit of a juggling act, which this would solve nicely. If I go with this option, I would paint it black to match the wrought iron decor in the attached dining nook and black appliances.
So, two dilemmas and two solutions. I've been wracking my brain for other ideas but anything else I think up sounds cheesy (panty drying rack, anyone? bleh). I'll decide and get started this week :)

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