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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Susan's Just as Lazy, Only Prettier

Remember my lazy susan from a recent thrifting trip?
Well, when I found it I knew it would have to be cleaned and/or revamped but I really thought I could take the easy way out and just get away with giving it a good scrub.

That was a nice dream.

It turns out (get it?) that the stains are permanent. Well, poor lazy me. Time to sort through my fabric stash and get out the Mod Podge.

First things first, it had to be taken apart.  You can really see the stains in this photo.

Next, I made a template and traced it onto my fabric.

Good old Mod Podge. I was a little heavy handed with it. It's been years since I've used it and forgot that a little goes a long way.

After adding the material and a few top coats of mod podge, so it can be wiped clean after use.
Doesn't little Suzie look fabulous?

I love it! It's so me :)

Isn't that fabric adorable?
I love turtles......

My pretty coasters have a nice place to hang out until they're needed. 
And the lazy susan is perfect for tea time snacks.

What's your favorite frugal makeover? 

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  1. Looks great! I really like the fabric choice- turtles are a favorite of mine as well, and your coasters are adorable! As for my favorite frugal makeover: this might sound crazy, but my husband turned our daughters' playhouse into a chicken coop and we used some of the driftwood we've collected from trips to the beach for them to roost on!

  2. Nice, I love it when you can take something like that and transform it to something lovely. It looks great. PS, we have a turtle and I'm afraid I don't love it.. tolerate it more like it. He name is Sunny, but it should be stinky. BUT my kids love it, so there it is. (:

  3. That is so cute. You are simply incredible. I love it!

  4. Salt Water Taffy- Thanks, I love those coasters too :) You're frugal makeover sounds awesome! I just love reusing things and you took something and made it even more useful.

    Erin- Thanks for the laugh. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! Turtles aren't the greatest smelling things, but I still love them :)

    Thanks, Barbie! Me too!

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. I love having the lazy susan on my dining table now.All hail Mod Podge :)

  5. Driftwood Girl that is a beautiful Lazy Susan! I have made a few in my free time but none have looked this good. I will certainly be back to check ut your blog and see what else you have come up with.


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