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Friday, August 13, 2010

Frugal Goo Gone

I promised in yesterday's homemade sugar scrub post to write about how I like to remove labels so I can reuse the jars.

You can use Goo Gone. It's an awesome product. But I don't usually have it lying around.
For most labels, a long soak in extremely hot soapy water makes them easy to remove.
But there are some companies that are overzealous in their application of adhesive.
This tutorial is for those stubborn labels (*cough* smuckers).
This sticky label is mocking me. It resisted a hot soak, but now, oh now it's war!

Tada! No big secret, just a little knowledge.
The magic product in a bottle that automotive body artists have been using for a long time to remove decals and bumper stickers (when they're out of Goo Gone, obviously): Mayonnaise.

Smear some mayonnaise all over the label that thinks it's there to stay.

Let it set for 20 minutes as you contemplate life. Or do nothing. Doing nothing's good too.
Wash and marvel as the label and tacky residue wipe off with a regular sponge.
Fill with whatever you want! I recommend a good sugar scrub. But that's just me.

Before you run off and start eyeing the poor jars that are in your fridge and unceremoniously dumping their contents so you can try this, check out this refreshing foot scrub recipe made with coarse salt.
Happy Almost the Weekend Day!

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