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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love Dare #2 Be Kind...Rewind

DARE 2: In addition to saying nothing negative to your spouse today, do at least one unexpected act of kindness.
Ugh. Missed this one today. Will try again tomorrow. 
Made an effort to have a drink ready for Hubby as soon as he got home. He said thank you, but I didn't see any other reaction except tiredness from his day. Oh well, I'll just trust it made a difference and move on to dare 3 tomorrow. 
Very interesting. I used to do that when we were first married, so I suppose it was something I just fell out of doing. Why do the things we do naturally when we're first in love seem unimportant later in the relationship?

I used to think longingly of the things Hubby did when we dated and when we first got married, missing those little touches of thoughtfulness and romance. I never stopped to look at myself and what I had stopped doing. This puts a whole new perspective on things. I'd like to think of more things that I've stopped doing and pick them up again. Time to rewind and review the memory tapes of loving behavior that used to come naturally. And this time I need to take notes!


  1. So many times we look at what our spouse is not doing for us, instead of what we can be doing for him/her. Is Jason doing this love dare with you?

  2. Nana, not that I know of :) It's something I found online and felt led to do on my own.

    Isn't it thought provoking, Rachel? I'm learning so much from this, even though at times it's uncomfortable because I'm having to take a good look at myself and what I'm putting into our relationship.


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