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Monday, August 23, 2010

Please Pray for our Apartment Complex UPDATED

This is happening NOW. Please pray for the safety of those involved and the rescue workers. The fire is affecting three apartment buildings across from us. Our building is safe, but please continue to pray for those who live in the burning apartments.
The ambulances have left so we are hoping they have taken those who needed it to the hospital. Best case scenario would be that nobody was hurt and the ambulances weren't needed. We're hoping for that!

UPDATE: 2PM We still do not know what caused it or many details, but there's good news: the flames have been put out! 

Thank you to everyone who continue to pray for the people who are affected by this.

The Red Cross and some other wonderful organizations have stepped up to help these people who are homeless now. Many of them lost all their belongings in the fire. I keep thinking, if Hubby's schedule stayed how it should have been, we wouldn't have been here when it happened. It was not an easy thing to see, but maybe just maybe we needed to be here praying for the people and rescue workers. Not that we're so wonderful, but I believe every little bit helps. The 16 tenants who suffered from the fire will have a roof over their heads tonight at least and the Red Cross has set them up with debit cards to help them get back on their feet. I can only imagine the devastation they might feel. There were a few interviews on the news of people saying they were just thankful the Lord kept their families safe, no matter if they lost everything. They had what really mattered and would trust that God would open another door for them. What a beautiful attitude! I would hope to be as gracious and hopeful in the face of such personal tragedy. All the brave beautiful survivors are who we are praying for and we are so thankful that there was no loss of life. God bless the rescue workers who put their lives on the line for strangers!

Our apartment managers as well as some firefighters, police and tenant volunteers are out patrolling tonight. Please pray for their safety as they try to keep the vultures away. How sad that looters would prey on other people's hardship! We have volunteered to help as much as we can, with Hubby working all the time and me with Baby Boy, but they have promised to call if we are needed. Maybe for clean up. I know in situations like this there can never be too many helping hands. If looters are so insensitive, at least we can be thankful for the lives saved!

11PM Hubby went out walking around our building and the one at the end of the lot where people have been pushing the chain link fence over to sneak in. It seems everything was quiet, but he will be out again every night we're here. Praying for all the wonderful volunteers who are losing sleep to keep the property safe.


  1. Oh my goodness!! How scary! I'll be praying everyone is safe!

  2. Yes, very scary. Thank you for the prayers, Rachel!

  3. Thank you so much, Marie, I know the people that can't go back home tonight need the prayers!

  4. Oh my goodness, that must have been scary. I'll keep you all in my prayers too.

  5. Thank you for praying, Erin! I also know there are many who are reading and praying without commenting and bless you all! These people are needing all the prayer support you can give. Please pray for their families as they try to rebuild their lives and for the apartment managers as they deal with the clean up, protection and rebuilding of the property.


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