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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spa Night: Rice Water Toner with a Cheapskate Twist! 8/05/2010

I wanted to share this amazingly simple but exponentially brilliant tip sent to me by Barbie @ Adventures of a Wannabe Cheapskate. Remember how much I love Rice Water Toner? You'll also remember how it usually keeps only for a few days so I added tea tree oil to mine, which enabled usage for up to two and a half weeks with no problems. Alright, there's one problem. Tea tree oil is expensive! Well, Barbie came up with a different (and cheaper!) way to make her Rice Water Toner last. In the freezer! No kidding. Awesome, right? Since learning this tip, I am able to save my tea tree oil for other projects and can still enjoy the benefits of rice water! Here it is, in her own words:
I wanted to tell you how much I love the rice water toner.... I tried it, and really like it. I ran out and didn't make any for a while, and I can really tell the difference. I made it a priority recently to make some more. I don't have tea tree oil... When I made it most recently, I poured it into an ice cube tray and froze it. When it was completely frozen, I emptied the tray into a ziploc and stored that in the freezer. I take one ice cube out and put it in a cup in the fridge to melt overnight. I find that the ice cube size is just right for a morning and evening use. So, that's my own cheapskate twist on rice water toner. I love it! And I love that super cold feeling of fresh-from-the-fridge toner. Everybody should keep their toner (no matter what kind they use) in the freezer!

I totally agree, Barbie! I always kept my Healing Toner in the fridge. Even when I used plain witch hazel, it was stored in the fridge for that fresh, cool feeling. I love Barbie's tip because it's so practical, which is what beauty treatments need to be when you're busy enjoying life. So, thanks for the great tip! It has made having my rice water even more frugal and it lasts a whole lot longer.

Using the rice water ice cubes has been a huge time saver for me! I love to swipe the ice cube over my clean skin in the morning for a refreshing wake up call that's good for my skin too. Using it this way in also helps to reduce my morning companion: puffy eyes. I use half of it in the morning and toss the rest of the ice cube into a ziptop snack bag back in the freezer.
In the evening, to finish off my Oil Cleansing Method, I swipe the rest of the ice cube over my face and neck until it's gone. Aaahhh.... very relaxing.

Do you love homemade skincare? If something doesn't work at first, tweak it! You might find a fabulous new way that works for your unique skin situation. Or maybe, like Barbie, you'll find an all around better way of doing things. That's what is so wonderful about making your own products. You can adjust ingredients, preparation, and consistency to suit you. And that, my friend is a beautiful thing!

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