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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, Come On In!

An entire post shamelessly dedicated to our work in progress "Entryway".

Welcome! Please hang your hat/coat/diaper bag on our handy dandy wrought iron coat hanger thingy.
Enjoy a breath of fresh air, courtesy our air purifying house plants as we walk the long way to the living room (ie turn immediately to the right) and make small talk.

I'm sorry, what? Oh, these old things! I found the black storage cubes on clearance at WalMart ($14 marked down from $24!), but I won't bore you with that. 
Or the story about how I desperately tried to put them together and set them up before a certain little boy could wake up from his nap and, oh, I don't know, swallow a screw or something.

Oh, thank you, I love that purple and gold runner too! 
The bowl? It's from Samoa. I wore the lei in it for my sister's wedding and the flower's one of my favorites to wear in my hair. 

You love candles too? I adore candles! The two you see here are my homemade citronella candles. Oh, yes, they really come in handy for relaxing outside in the evenings. You should stop by sometime! I promise, they work and you'll go home bite free.

Oh, you noticed the green stretch canvas art?

Since you're a guest, there's no way I'm showing you what they really are.
Why on earth would I tell you I smoothed some fabric around styrofoam and secured it with a little hot glue?
I'll just smile and thank you for noticing them while making a mental note to get around to gluing a bit of paper or plain fabric to the back ASAP! 
Hopefully, they won't fall over, exposing the unfinished back, while you're visiting.

Oh, yes, that's a clay tea light lantern from Ten Thousand Villages (one of my favorite stores!). It's one of my favorite things.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Why yes, I do love plants, how can you tell? You didn't, by chance happen to notice the jungle of plants taking over the tiny bit of space in front of our door, did you? 

Well, in that case I'll just keep to myself how I'd like to gush about how pretty I think this plant is in it's gorgeous metallic silver swirls container. 
It was a clearance find as well (Hobby Lobby $5 marked down from $20), but you don't want to hear about that. 

Well, enough small talk, you must be hungry. We're so glad you're here! Dinner's ready, so please, grab a drink and have a seat while my son charms food off your plate. 

Quick, he's distracted, dig in before his drink is gone!

Psst, anyone have a solution for those unsightly peg holes that come with *ahem* cheapo furniture?

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