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Saturday, August 7, 2010

REVIEW: Oil Cleansing Method

 I love the Oil Cleansing Method! I think the pictures speak for themselves. Prepared to be frightened. Nah, it's not so bad, but the only way to prove it is to get up close and personal, right?

In all of these photos, I'm wearing my daily makeup which consists of eyeliner, mascara and filled in brows.

BEFORE taken 7/26/2008
When I look at these befores I see 
Uneven skin tone
Dark under eye circles (always had 'em and my biggest beauty problem)
Blemish on the left cheek
Blemishes around hairline
Clogged pores in nose, cheeks and chin
Reddish nostrils from broken capillaries under the skin (always had 'em)

The very first time I used OCM and every time thereafter, I felt whiteheads and blackheads slip out of my pores as I was massaging! I suddenly was aware of what felt like tiny grains of sand under my fingers during the cleansing. Nasty to think about, yes, but awesome as far as results.

The oil and massaging motion gently loosens and removes the hardened gunk in pores to leave skin clear and clean! And because the skin is no longer overproducing oil to compensate for being dried out by commercial cleansers, the pore clogging cycle is stopped and pores can soon shrink back to their natural size. 

AFTER taken 8/07/2010

When I see the afters (or look in the mirror now!) I notice:
More even skin tone all over
Fewer clogged pores in nose, cheeks and chin
Healing blemishes on hairline
No blemish on left cheek!
Lighter under eye circles
Nostril area doesn't seem as red

This one was taken with flash near a window. I was struck with how it looks like I have under eye concealer in this photo, but I wasn't wearing any.

No flash. Same window.

I really love this natural way of taking care of my skin! For me, the results speak for themselves and I will definitely continue with this.

Interested in the Oil Cleansing Method? Read the original post with instructions here. 

Can you tell I've lost a couple of pounds? Woohoo! Because I'm eating more fresh goodies like this:
Mmmmm! Finding out more about natural beauty treatments and seeing how good they are for me really has me interested in taking better care of myself, inside and out. Adding all the fresh produce to my intake of  kefir and kombucha tea is making me feel great! Once detox is over, I should have even more energy. I'm looking forward to it.

Start your journey to naturally clearer, healthier skin! If you try OCM please let me know how it worked for you! Baking soda hair washing review to be posted soon. 


  1. I tried the oil cleansing method with my coconut oil tonight -- I LOVE IT!!! I am convinced that my eyes look better already. My skin feels amazingly smooth. I followed up my cleanse with your healing toner. I'm hooked!

  2. Barbie- That's awesome! I love it and I'm so glad you found that it works for you! Right now I'm going through the purging stage (eek! breakouts galore!) but am holding on for that end result that should mean clear, younger looking skin in about a month. When your skin starts to purge, don't give in! It will be worth it!


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