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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Kefir Smoothie 6/14/2010

I've been drinking 8 oz of kefir every day as a part of introducing fermented foods to my diet. Read more on that in this post. Most days I drink it straight (think drinkable yogurt with more of a tang), but on mornings when I have a few extra minutes I'll make it into kefir fruit smoothie. What a tasty way to take your medicine!

Measure roughly 8 oz of kefir

In a blender, toss a serving of fruit (your preference) and pour in 1 oz of kefir.

Add a scoop of supplement powder (whey, protein, fiber, etc) and blend until doubled in volume.
In a tall glass, pour blended fruit mix into the rest of kefir & stir to mix well. Here it is before stirring.

I always share mine with Baby Boy, so here are our two smoothies, complete with straws. Little Man loves that he gets a straw. I think that may be half the reason he loves kefir smoothies, for the cool straw.

He will not come up for air until it's all gone. I don't blame him. They are so good!

I wanted to show the rivulets left on the cup I used to measure the kefir. From what I've read, that's an indication that the bacteria is healthy and active. Yay!

I did want to explain why you don't dump the entire serving of kefir into the blender and why you can't get your daily intake by stirring it into coffee to make it more palatable. Kefir is a living bacteria, so extreme temperatures will kill it (hot coffee) and blending it all will cause stress to the probiotic organisms and you won't get the full benefit of drinking carefully cultured, live kefir. You just want to pour enough to moisten your other ingredients and blend them  all together without having to add another liquid and dilute your kefir smoothie. I know all this live bacteria talk is gross to some, but it really does make sense. Yogurt is basically the same thing, a fermented food full of 'good' bacteria to balance & flush your system of the 'bad'. Except kefir is naturally rampant with strong quantities of healthy yeast and bacteria, as is kombucha tea, speaking of which: my tea is ready! Brewing station photos available in this post. I'll do a separate post on that sometime this week. Later then. 

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