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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spa Night: More Peaceful Space (mini)Transformations

In keeping with the Spa Night theme, here are a couple of the many tiny projects I was working on before leaving for the big cleaning project. Each of them were started, keeping in mind my desire to consciously make our new home a more relaxing, peaceful space. I'm excited to be making progress on our peaceful transformation, and I know I'll appreciate all the little touches once we go back home. Maybe they will help me relax after the stress of my current project.


Framed a bit of fabric and rehung a grouping by the front door.
I like it because it's a bit off kilter. And there are gorgeous colors from the peacock palette going on :)

The other week when we chose poolside plants at Home Depot, I picked up a little plant to brighten up a corner in the apartment. Our first living thing in our new home! Yay! I love green growing things. I'd like to have plants in every room. For now, I have this little beauty.

While moving it to it's new home I realized the pot I have doesn't have drainage like the container the plant came in. Nope, the store container wouldn't fit into my pretty pot. I know. I tried.

Cut off the bottom and place it bottom side up in my pretty pot. Voila! Instant drainage. Add happy little plant plus potting soil to finish the job.

After giving the plant it's very first drink in it's McGyver'd pot, I carried my new pretty to the master bedroom to find a display spot.

Here's what it looked like before, the mini fridge in front of the window. Topped with a basket of some of my sarongs and a few tropical flower accessories for my hair. Can you see on the left near the green and yellow sarong where my artist son went crazy with a black sharpie? I attacked it with every cleaner I had. Even a Mr. Clean eraser. The stubborn mark faded, but refused to disappear.

Move the basket over, add a placemat to hide little Picasso's indiscretion and here's the new little space. I think I'd like it with something plain beneath it instead of the tan and green placemat, but for now, I think it's pretty in it's own way :). And my little plant gets lots of sunshine.
Click here for my first peaceful transformation post. My Peaceful Inspiration post goes into detail of what I'm trying to accomplish.

I think I'll take a soak in my newly scrubbed tub (which means I'd have to scrub it) and relax with an egg white mask and a book tonight. In the mean time, it's still day and there's more deep cleaning to get done. Take time for yourself this week! Happy pampering....


  1. A spa night once a week sounds like heaven and a very smart lady! LOVE IT!

    I hope I inspired you.. ;) thanks for your kind visit too. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! jENN

  2. Thanks, Jen! You are a wonderful inspiration! I now make the effort to put my makeup on and feel great before I even start my day :) Thank you.


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