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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spa Night: Homemade Egg White Toning Mask

Ready for some pampering? I am! Tonight I'm doing another Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment, a pedicure and an Egg White Toning Mask.

Here's my recipe for an Egg White Toning Mask so you can try it yourself. This is great to perk your skin up for an event, date, or family photos. Use a few hours before your event for glowing, firmer skin with or without makeup. For regular skin care, may be used once a week. When pressed for time, I use the egg whites lightly beaten, not thick enough to form peaks. The benefit of whipping it, though, is that the chances of egg white dripping down your neck as it dries is greatly reduced. Bottom line: whipped or lightly beaten, the end result is the same. Tightened pores and smoother skin.


Favorite cleanser
Favorite face scrub. One of these days I'll post my recipes for sugar and salt scrubs.
Facial moisturizer
1 cold egg. I like it cold because it feels soothing on my skin.
Electric mixer. Because I'm lazy and will not hand whip this mask!
Vanilla extract. If the thought of smelling raw egg whites on your face makes you squeamish.

-Cleanse face thoroughly.

-Exfoliate skin with scrub. Rinse. Pat dry.

-Separate egg yolk from the white. You will only need the white for this toner.

-In a medium bowl, whip egg white until it's all frothy. If the smell really bothers you (it bothers me some times more than others) this would be the time to add one drop of pure vanilla extract for a more pleasing scent.

-Apply to clean face and do something relaxing while your mask dries. I usually put on some music and curl up with a book.

-Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. You've got to touch your skin to believe it! It will be smoother, tightened and refreshed.


-Over time, this mask can help your pores appear less visible.
-Add 1 tbsp of honey before whipping to create a mask that can heal as well as tighten. 
-Honey is a natural antibacterial, helping any open blemishes to heal and with continued use, is great for unclogging pores.

Now, obviously, taking care of a very active little boy and the normal routine of running a household doesn't always add up to uninterrupted blocks of time for spa treatments. Because I'm generally in a better mood the rest of the week when I take time for myself, I use what I have. And that usually means breaking up the time I use into realistic increments. For instance, today, when Baby Boy went down for a nap, I did the Hot Oil Treatment and Egg White Mask. I have other things to get done for the remainder of naptime so, I'll leave the pedicure for later on tonight when Little Man's down for the night. That way neither Baby Boy, the house, or I suffer :) Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there to encourage you to make time for yourself because the relaxation is worth the effort. Happy Spa Night!

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