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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UPDATE: Blintzes

Made blintzes for the first time using the recipe I posted earlier. They are SO GOOD! You've got to try making them!

Our blintz making station :) The fresh strawberries are beautiful this year! I just had to bring some home for a compote. See our blintzes in the platter on the left? Near the end, I was able to get them round and pretty. Practice makes perfect.

 Here's a closeup of one of the prettier ones ready to serve with compote and sour cream. The sour cream made all the flavors so much more intense. I was surprised, but it was quite nice. The blintz filling was so rich and creamy! I actually used one package of regular cream cheese and one package of Neufchâtel cheese. The Neufchâtel actually tasted better to me than the cream cheese. Surprising, because it's 33% less fat than cream cheese. Next time, I'll just use two packs of Neufchâtel.

I love trying new recipes! Some of them are disasters, needing a more talented hand, but I was so happy with how these turned out, especially after hearing how tricky blintzes can be. Letting the batter rest before cooking seems to be the key. I'm glad we took that advice. Good advice makes for yummy brunch :)

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