We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crafty Day & Spa Night

Unpacked a box yesterday and found a postcard I received 3 years ago from my sisters. I loved it so much that I saved it, propped up on my dresser. I decided to give it a new life in a mini shadow box.

To the left is a frame whose glass broke during packing. I was sad, but I knew I could use it for something else. And there's the beautiful mosaic postcard my sisters made for me. The turtle is made of different pieces of colored paper covered with glitter. I love the colors and I LOVE turtles, so I just had to make sure I could enjoy it longer.

I placed the frame on the card and cut so the turtle would be off kilter. Don't know why. I just liked it. I also love the bubbles near the turtle's head so I adjusted it so a few could be seen in the frame.

After spraying both the frame and newly pared down card with an acrylic sealer and letting them dry, I secured the turtle in the frame. For the last step, I cut a piece of blue foam sheet to fit the frame and glued it to the back.

It's up on the wall now. My beautifully personal shadowbox :) I couldn't get the photo to show just how vibrant and gorgeous the turtle's colors are. Trust me, it looks amazing. Hubby saw it when he came home last night and asked, "Where'd we get that picture?". Ah. Success!

Now for the spa part. I just whipped up a face mask and after rinsing, my skin feels baby soft, so I thought I'd share the easy recipe:

Chocolate Honey Mask
3 Tbs honey
1 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

In a small bowl, mix ingredients until consistency is smooth. There will be air bubbles.

Apply to face, massaging into skin. Leave on for 20 minutes. If you get bored because you also happen to be waiting on the dishwasher to get done while dyeing your hair, you could always whistle. Ha!

Remove with warm water. Seal your pores with a final rinse of cold water.
Apply toner and moisturizer and you're done! Enjoy your unbelievably soft skin.

I used a homemade sugar scrub before using this mask, but if you're short on time and want to eliminate the extra time spent on the scrub but still get the benefits of a good scrub (like removing dead skin cells), just adding one more ingredient to the Chocolate Honey Mask can help.

1 Tbs dry oatmeal. That's it! Oatmeal.

When you massage the mask into your skin, the oatmeal will act as a natural exfoliant and soothe your skin too! Honey is a natural antibacterial, helping any open blemishes to heal and unclogging pores. The chocolate powder contains natural antioxidants and supposedly protects your skin from damaging free radicals.

Spa Night in general helps me unwind and destress. Do you need a little relaxation in your day? Try this simple mask and leave the stress behind for a few minutes. If nothing else, you'll feel pampered and you'll see the improvement in your skin. Plus, this mask smells divine!

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