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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Relaxing Things...

In keeping with the fact that tonight is Spa Night, I'll be doing a pedicure once Baby Boy goes to bed :) Aahhh... I really need it too after all the painting this week. My toes are sprinkled with black and green paint! Not pretty. But a wonderful excuse to pamper my feet.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few projects I've been working on:
Remember this shelf/ hand towel bar I picked up at a thrift shop?

My loving man got rid of that scrolly thing that had lost its mate and sanded it all down for me. So yesterday when the mood hit, this mild mannered piece of metal was ready for painting.

The newly painted shelf turned recipe book holder will complement our sconces that go above the dining table. This still needs to go up on the wall in our new place. My kingdom for a stud finder!

And now it will tie the kitchen in with the eat-in dining nook :)

Oh, I love it. I'm working on some type of shelf to lay on the flat part. Aahhh... dreaming about the many recipes I will make using my handy recipe book holder. Remember, the original glass shelf is gone and this is upside down from how it was meant to be used. A few picture hanging hooks helped to stabilize the new position.

Between coats of paint, these babies got a good scrub down.

Please tell me you can see a difference! Most of the discoloration turned out to be permanent. I mean, I love that we got them for free, but I'd like them to look nice.  Hmmmm... perhaps another paint session is in order.....

After all that, I was ready to get off my feet for a bit. Ah, enter the gorgeous silk I found yesterday. Cut out four rough circles. After a bit of hand sewing....

Oo la la! I love it! So I made another one. And am a little obsessed because I'm in the process of making more.

I just had to put the first ones up in the guest bathroom. Oh no, I've unleashed the girly monster within me. Is it sad that I'm totally looking forward to girling it up in this room?

Walking around almost nekked after the dreaded kool aid incident of 2010. Which shall remain untold.

Saying the most beguiling please he can muster. No way, kid. I'm scared of you. And kool aid.

Take time to pamper yourself this week! Whether it's a homemade spa treatment or rearranging a few things to make your space a little more peaceful. Happy pampering :)

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