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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spa Night: Chamomile Steam 5/13/2010

Aaahhhh....Thursday. I've missed you so. Right now, while Baby Boy's down for a nap, I've done a Chamomile Steam followed by a Quenching Mask. If you want to try it yourself, just follow these steps to relaxation:

Have the mask you will use following the facial steam ready before hand.

Chamomile Steam:
Hot water
Chamomile tea bag
Tea tree oil
Medium bowl
Bath towel
Some sort of timer. I just use the one on my microwave or stove.

-Use a headband or tie hair in a pony tail to keep it out of your face.
-Boil enough water to fill your bowl.
-Place tea bag in the bowl, pour boiled water and let steep 2 minutes.
-Add 2 to 3 drops tea tree oil to water. Do not remove tea bag.

-Place bowl on a table at a comfortable height that will allow you to lean over the bowl, using your forearms for support.
-Put on some soothing music or (if your little one is sleeping) relish in the beautiful phenomenon of silence.
-Set a timer for 10 minutes.
-Position your face over the bowl of water and drape the towel over your head to form a mini sauna.
-Breathe in the soothing steam and relax as your pores open up.
-When timer goes off, apply Quenching Mask to still warm skin for maximum results.
-Rinse, tone and moisturize and you're done! Enjoy your deeply conditioned skin.

-Steaming opens up pores, leaving them ready to receive all the goodness you want to slather on as beauty treatments. You can steam to maximize the results of a scrub, mask, toner, etc.
-Add your favorite essential oil or herbal tea for a pleasant steaming experience. You can use plain water, but it feels so much more luxurious (and relaxing) when you're breathing in a soothing fragrance.
-Steaming regularly can loosen dried oils and black heads that clog pores, making your after steaming treatment that much more effective.
-DO NOT forget to apply moisturizer after steaming.

I really need to do this because of the lack of moisture in the air. This island girl needs humidity! Along with my pollen allergies, my skin is left unbelievably dry and uncomfortable, even with regular toning and moisturizing. I'll be so glad once I figure out exactly what I need for my skin in this slightly dryer, cooler climate.
Here's hoping you can make time to pamper yourself today! Happy Leftovers : )

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