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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Bath Decor in Progress

So, the guest bath looked like this for a long time. Well, the navy rugs are still in place, that won't change until we find something we love at a great price, so I guess it still looks like this.
But with a few changes.

Maroon silk from my stash became fabric flowers added to the drapes around the tub.

I removed the fabric that had been tied into that huge droopy bow in the center of the drapes (never really liked how it looked) and taking a cue from my guest bath inspiration, used it to soften the bit around the mirror. I can finally mark it off the list! Yay!

With it's very own silk flower :) I'm in love with these easy to make beauties!

Peel and stick hooks and a bit of ribbon work as tiebacks around the mirror.
Thank you WalMart. And thank you projects that leave just enough ribbon to feel guilty about tossing out but not enough to think of a use for right away.

The mini mirror drapes are actually table runners from my sister's wedding reception and each one had different beading on the edges, so they don't match.

But I love them anyway!

Of course, Bath and Body Works always has something to go with a room theme.
I'm going to keep refilling this bottle once it's empty because it matches so perfectly with my feminine maroon bath! I'll miss the delicious smell of this soap, though.

On the little sink counter I added homemade bath salts and tea light candles to the leaf shaped tray for a little ambiance. The salts have a citrus cherry fragrance that lightly scents the bathroom. Mmmm!
Behind is an antique sterling silver purse I was given as a wedding gift. It's just beautiful with the detailed work.

And that, in a nutshell is one of our constantly work in progress spaces in our little apartment home. Thanks for stopping by!

It seems like everyone has at least one space that is constantly evolving, what is yours?

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