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Monday, August 2, 2010

Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade Mamas posted a recipe for homemade baby wipes. Uh huh. Homemade. Baby Wipes! Brilliant!
I found it at a particularly fortuitous time. I was about to run out of baby wipes and was thinking, there's just got to be a better way. Then as I was posting my entry to last week's HodgePodge Friday party: Voila! One of the fabulous projects was this little gem of information. As soon as I read about it, I called Hubby and asked him to pick up some paper towels. The brand I wanted couldn't be found smaller than a nine pack, so yeah. We're good on wipes for a long time!

If that recipe isn't your style here are a few more that may suit you and your baby. Girl in Air also has a tutorial that is amazingly easy and had a couple great tips I wish I'd read before making my first homemade baby wipes. 

I had fun making them and loved knowing I was saving money in a new way that will really make a difference for us! Here's my first attempt:

Cut a roll of paper towels in half.
Tip 1: DO NOT use a serrated knife unless you're in the mood to clean up a mess.
Tip 2: Leave the cardboard tube in the middle unless you're in the mood to clean up a mess. It's much easier to pull out once the paper towels soak up the liquid.  

Gather your materials. I used olive oil, unscented body wash, and lavender oil (for the lovely smell and cleansing properties).

I poured my boiled, cooled water into an empty wipes tub then added a few squirts of body wash, a few squirts of olive oil and 2 drops of lavender oil. 
Mixed them all up. I love using chopsticks instead of a whisk for mixing.
Hey, I still whisk, but when the whisk is in the sink, the chopsticks get to party.

I placed one half of the paper towel roll in the mix and turned it over a few times to let it soak up on every side.
TIP 3: When it's soaked up all the liquid, the tube in the center can be removed easily. 

Since the container isn't air tight, I put a sheet of plastic wrap on top before closing. 
 TIP 4:
Using a tall container where your wipes stand on end is more convenient than one where they lay on their side. It really makes it easier to pull out one wipe at a time.

I thought I could make it work, but the paper towels tore even with careful handling as I turned the wet roll over to remove a single wipe. I'll be on the lookout for a taller container. 

Minutes after I finished making these, my son needed a diaper change. Is it sad to admit I was excited to use my new wipes?
I'm so happy with them, other than the container. They clean just as well as store bought wipes and they smell wonderful! Next time, I'll lessen the amount of water and add more olive oil. One of these days I'll find the right combo for us.

I love saving money! It might be a bit of an obsession, but hey, I make my own amusement around here. Have you discovered a new way to save money lately?

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