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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh No, We're Out of.... Everything.

That was my thought as I went to cook dinner today. Yes, I know, way to plan, right?

Well, I called Hubby (he has the car) and he said, No problem, I'll leave work for a quick minute and pick up a few things. Yay! Crisis averted.
So we do the quick hello/goodbye when he brings us a few shopping bags in record time (wonderful man!). And it's not until he's on his way back to work and I'm unpacking the shopping that I realize something.
Some men have particular ideas about what 'a few things' are.
See, when I see the pantry empty and say I'll get a few things, I mean the essentials (in my head): some fruit/veggies, milk, eggs, rice and meat & some kind of munchable like cheerios for Baby Boy's two handled snack cup. That will get us by until we have time for a detailed shopping trip. Here's what I found myself staring at after stripping off the shopping bags:

Why yes, that's a big box of mac and cheese.
And pork chops.
It made me smile! Hey, we've got food :)

Alrighty then.
Did you catch that part about the car? Yay for transportation! We've recently been blessed by a family member with a car! We're so thankful for the wonderful friends who took time out to take me and Baby Boy to stores. They are so awesome! But it's good to have our own car once again. It's one that I can't drive yet (this girl needs some serious skills before attempting a 5 shift)  but now my sweet man doesn't have to worry about how the weather will affect his motorcycle ride to work.

I hope you have a beautiful, fun filled weekend!


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