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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seeking Inspiration

Here's the only other decoratable (Not a word. I know.) wall in the master bath.
Click here to see the other wall.

The wicker shelf is another recent thrift store find (that I LOVE). Wicker from Portugal for two bucks? Oh yeah, original maker's tag on the back! What's not to love?

The painting is exactly the same as the one on my shelves across the room. Don't hate. It was dirt cheap and I figured if I put the two far enough apart people might not notice? 
Well, who am I kidding, but it's there for now.
The problem with the shelf, is I have no idea what to put on it. The shelves are slightly smaller than a 16 ounce glass so normal decor items don't fit. 

What would you put on it? 

Also, it's held up with only two small built in hooks at the top and I'm not sure how sturdy it is. So, yeah, heavy but pretty breakables are out of the question. 

A friend suggested towels rolled up like in my master bath inspiration photos. I'm liking the idea. Towels are light, will be great to have handy and won't break if the shelf decides to dislodge itself from the wall. 

I'd love to hear any other suggestions as well. 
Aaahhh, the roses. A hostess gift from guests we had over. Love them! 

I would love to get some input.
I'm even open to suggestions about painting it although I'd be sad to say goodbye to the honey brown. In my experience, if a manufacturer paints wicker, it's to hide inconsistencies.
If wicker is good quality, it's left alone after a coat of stain and sealant. As if to say, Look how gorgeous I am! Oh yeah, baby, I'm the real thing.
But the right idea could blow me (and my preconceptions) away.

So, how would you decorate this shelf?
Inspire me!


  1. If you wanted a little "pop" of color on the shelf w/o painting it you could get a thick-ish ribbon and wind it around the edge or through the sides with a pretty bow or flower or something in a corner. I like the towel idea, or perhaps a pretty candle, not in a jar, with some dried flowers or something. I'm sure whatever you do with it will look amazing! I shouldn't even offer suggestions because a crafty lady I am not. :-)

  2. That shelf is a really great find! I like your friend's towel idea. It will add color but is practical too. Pretty + Practical is always a good way to go in my opinion. And maybe throw in a few seashells or whatever it is you like to decorate with. (For me it would be a framed photo of the family at the beach and treasures we've found while beachcombing). Good luck and have fun!

    P.S. You did a lovely job on the other wall!

  3. Thanks, Rachel! I'm seriously playing around with the ribbon idea, just need to check my stash :)

    Salt Water Taffy- I never think of adding family photos to a bathroom but adore them in bathroom redos on all the pretty blogs I read. Thank you for the tip :) I have some lovely photos of us on a recent trip to the tropics! woohoo! And thanks so much, I find myself staring at that other wall ;)


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