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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Dare #4 Always On My Mind....

DARE 4: Contact your spouse sometime throughout the business day. Have no agenda other than to ask them how they are and if there's anything you can do for them. Bring back the time when you first fell in love and called constantly, admitting "I just can't stop thinking about you."         
Called Hubby at work and didn't get to talk to him but left a message. After work, I asked him if he had gotten the message. He said "About if I needed anything?" I said yes. He said he'd gotten it and had become busy right after but his tone! His tone and the way he looked at me told me it had been a bright spot in his day.

I read online about the dares how thoughtlessness can be a silent enemy to a relationship. How true! Look how much a little thoughtfulness helped in the way we interacted when Hubby came home. We had a wonderful evening snuggling on the couch and talking. We usually like to be sitting together and hold hands, but we felt... closer somehow. Such a little thing made such a difference. I will make a point to call him more like I used to, not to complain or give him a shopping list like I've done for the past few years, but just to say hello and ask how he's doing. I thought about it and Hubby actually does this a few times a week for me! How selfish I've been. I always love hearing from him while he's at work and he only ever asks how my day is, how's his little boy, and after my customary rant or nonchalant "Eh, it's an ok day, I guess." he tells me he misses me. What is my problem? Shopping lists, really?? That is going to change.


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