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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wannabe a Cheapskate?

Check out my SIL Barbie's wonderful money saving blog Wannabe Cheapskate, where she shares her forays into super coupon shopping and saving money for her family. Barbie is the reason I was brave enough to try coupon shopping for myself and I'm so glad I did! You can be sure that as soon as I get transportation again, I will be planning a couponing trip to get rid of these withdrawals once and for all. Yes, it's addictive. In a great way.

Barbie will be featuring weekly homemade spa recipes (by moi!), cheapskate style! Although I will continue my Thursday spa night posts (I can't survive without them!), the cheapskate recipes will not be repeated here on Beauty and Inspiration. Which is great for you because now you'll be getting TWO spa recipes every week! So please make sure to check out Wannabe Cheapskate regularly for more beautifully frugal spa posts via yours truly. Today you can read my post for Cucumber Conditioning Treatment over at Wannabe Cheapskate.  I know you'll enjoy reading about Barbie's awesome deals and maybe pick up some tips for your next shopping trip! She's living proof that you can be a busy wife and mom, have a blossoming career in teaching and save serious money at the same time. Truly inspirational.

So add that cucumber spa recipe to your homemade repertoire, read up on the Cheapskate posts you've missed and get ready for a fabulous week, you beautiful people!


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