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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chadwicks Coupon Code $15 off $15 or more

I just ordered these two pieces of gorgeous jewelry for less than $10 shipping combined! They were in the clearance section at Chadwicks and I used a coupon code CHFORYOU15  for $15 off any purchase of $15 or more. It expires at midnight tonight so click on over and check out their sale. You never know what you might stumble across.

I love love love pearls. My favorite are black, peacock green, chocolate and champagne pearls, but sometimes the way white pearls are used in a piece are just perfect.

Here's the first piece. Seed pearl earrings which I snagged for a whopping $1.32

And the second half of my order, a coral and cz ring which cost me a whole $1.66
I love all the semi precious stones: coral, jade, amber, tiger's eye, turquoise, etc. I've only recently begun to hunt for pieces with genuine semi precious stones, but on a tight budget the search (or acquisition) goes slowly. I don't mind, though. Once in a while, these amazing coupon codes are released  for different online stores and then the hunt is on! I don't always find something, but when I do, it gives me amazing satisfaction to know I found something I love for such a great bargain.  The biggest part of this order was shipping. Aaahhhh... I cannot wait to get these in the mail!

Products Ordered:

Description:   Color:  Price Each:Your Price:Shipping Status:
RINGCORAL CUBI$9.99$1.66Instock

Merchandise Subtotal:$17.98
Promotion Savings:($15.00)
Estimated Shipping:$6.99
Shipping Surcharge:$0.00
Your Subtotal:$9.97
Order Total:                           $9.97

Many many thanks to Heather at My Sweet Savings for another great deal!

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