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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cove Cleaning Recap Day 4

Moving clockwise around the kitchen. Another section of dirty cabinets and the smudged oven facade.


Squeaky clean. Even the tricky spots underneath the knobs and handle are gunk free.
Oh yeah! I was like a shoe shine, shimmying that dishrag soaked in my homemade degreaser (recipe in this post) into the tight spots and 'flossing' like there's no tomorrow!
Did you know my oven has no 'self clean' cycle? Good old scrubbing will have to do on the inside, but that can wait.

To the right of the oven. Before.

This is after spraying it down and scrubbing 3 times over AND using a Mr Clean eraser. 
Hmmm... I don't know why these particular stains are so stubborn. But it irks me.

Above and to the right of the cabinet I just showed you. 
Yes, I forgot to take a photo of them filthy. 
I was just so ready to get them shiny.

The microwave needed a rescue, even though I should be working on things that are attached to the house. Ah well. I just couldn't pass it up. It's such a quick fix too. 
A little bowl of vinegar will help. Any kind will do.

2 minutes on high. 

A wipe with a sponge and hot water leaves it sparkling. 
Well, as sparkling as this ancient thing can get. 
The brown spots you see are permanent. 
From that fateful fork in the microwave fiasco several years ago.
But we won't talk about that.
At least the food particles are gone. The vinegar really softens them so that they can be easily wiped up. 
And once you rinse well, no more stale food smell! Vinegar is my hero.

Aaahhh... let's savor the left side of the kitchen which is sparkling clean.
 Let's not think about the right side with a whole other wall of cabinets, shall we?
Yes, denial is so lovely right now.
I'm dreading clearing off the tops of the cabinets. The resulting dust flurries might dirty up my 'new' cabinets. 
Yeah, probably should've done that first. I'll know to clear off the remaining cabinets before cleaning

It's Thursday! Have you read the Spa Night post? Here you go: More Peaceful Space (mini)Transformations.

Good night, All.

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