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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spa Night: Oil for Facial Cleansing 7/29/2010

WARNING: A few people, including myself had less than stellar results with the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Click Here to read my two posts explaining why I eventually gave up OCM.

Using oil instead of soap to cleanse your face? This website is filled with extensive information on this ancient but now almost unheard of method for clear, beautiful skin! I found that reading what people who have actually used it are saying has been helpful too. The idea that something so simple could be so much better than all the technologically advanced cleansers we have now is definitely enough to pique my interest.

Here are some of the questions I initially had and the answers I've found:

How is the cleansing done?
~A quarter sized amount of natural oil is massaged vigorously onto face for at least 5 minutes. This motion loosens the hardened material in enlarged pores and with continued use will remove them completely. 

~Makeup doesn't even need to be removed before doing this, the oil will remove it, even mascara.

~Once the massage is over, gently wipe the oil off with a hot steamy washcloth, rinsing the towel and wiping until all oil is removed. This is important. Remove all of the oil, even if you didn't wear makeup. The oil on your face is now dirty and leaving it on your face might cause more problems.
 That's it. No need to rinse. Toner and a bit of clean oil as moisturizer and you're ready for bed.

~In the morning, use a clean washcloth to gently wash your face with water only. 

How often is this done in order to see results?
~Once a day before bedtime. 

Why oil?
~The whole premise is that commercial facial cleansers strip skin of it's natural oils. In response, skin overcompensates by producing too much oil which clogs and enlarges pores. 

~The oil used is pure and natural and extremely good for skin care. Castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, etc.

~Oil gently cleanses the pores by loosening built up dirt and oil clogging the pores. Removing these blemishes without stripping moisture from the face is key! Facial skin is left invigorated (from the massage) and gently deep cleaned. 

Does it work?
Many people have seen significant improvement in their skin with the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) including: 
Disappearance of blemishes
Even skin tone
Unbelievably soft skin
Disappearance of blackheads/whiteheads
Reduced dark circles under eyes
Plumper, younger looking skin

What type of skin has it worked for?
Combination skin
Normal skin
Oily skin
Acne prone skin
Diagnosed rosacea
Sufferers of psoriasis

So what are your thoughts? Would you try it? 

Yesterday was my second day on OCM (using virgin coconut oil. Thanks to my awesome Mom!) and I'm excited to already see results. My pores are shrinking and unclogging, the whole kaboodle. I have combination skin. Very oily in the Tzone with very dry patches scattered everywhere else. As my skin is adjusting to not being dried out or overproducing oil, I'm happy to see my Tzone isn't so oily and there are definitely no more scaly dry patches! After two days! So, needless to say, I'm sticking with it and hoping for much better long term results.

UPDATE: Read my review on this amazing cleansing method here!

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