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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Homemade Spackle 7/20/2010

Here's a favorite household tip I gleaned from my Grandpa Roy. One of the many tricks a military family learns having to constantly move from place to place :). This recipe was a life saver when we moved into our first dinky dingy apartment and the entire place was covered with holes from previous tenants. It seems to work best on small nail holes (no matter how many) and thin wall cracks. Of course it won't restore the integrity of the wall (when you find that super spackle that does, call me! ), but it will at least look nicer. 

Homemade Spackle
2 Tbs salt
2 Tbs cornstarch or flour
4-5 tsp water

-STEP 1: In a small container, combine ingredients to make a thick, pliable paste. 

Some people like to add paint at this point, to match whatever wall they're patching. My experience has taught me that painting after is more reliable. For some reason, the pre-colored paste looks slightly off when it dries, in which case you'll just repaint it anyway. 

So save the headache, unless you're totally awesome and it turns out for you. In which case, I'd be jealous, but I digress...

-STEP 2: Fill hole and let dry. 
I just pat it on with a finger.

Still wet, just after application. Fortunately, the apartment walls are textured to hide the abuse of many tenants, so the lumpy-ness works.

-STEP 3: If necessary, smooth with fine grade sand paper. Surface can now be painted to match the rest of the wall. 

Oddly, my lumpy paste matched the wall's texture and color, so I didn't need to do any finishing. Very nice!  

Oh my, a way to upgrade the look of your holey walls and save money? I think I shall swoon! After I hang some shelves.... which you got a peek of in the photo above. Shelves to be revealed later :) 

Happy spackling!

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