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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thrifting Love

I have fallen in love with thrift shopping in the past few years. It started out as a necessity because brand new things can be so expensive, but now thrifting for my home has definitely blossomed into an enjoyable challenge. I haven't been able to go thrifting for several months (too long!) since we lost our car, but a new friend called and asked if I'd like to join her on an errand. Since it was Hubby's day off, my wonderful hubby took charge of our little man and told me to go enjoy some girl time. Woohoo!!

At first we were headed to the Farmer's Market but when we got there all the booths were closed up so we (very innocently) ended up at a thrift shop. We parked and set each other loose on the poor unsuspecting shop. I was amazingly glad I listened to my nudge because I found almost everything I've had on my mental checklist for the apartment! There are always little things you realize would make life a little easier as life unfolds in your home. And if those things happen to be at the right price, why not?

Here are my finds! Lots of necessities, but a few pretty decor items as well. And would you know it, they were having a huge clearance sale? Yellow tags were 50% off and orange tags were 75% off the ticketed price.

Magazine rack- $3.50 orange tag so paid 87 cents! WOW
Macrame plant hanger (New With Tags!)- $4 tag, but I got it for $3.00 yay! See, it pays to be nice.
Boys hat (NWT)- $1.00
Lazy Susan - $2 yellow tag so paid $1
Pretty glass jar- $2 orange tag so paid 75 cents!
Glass hanging candle holders- Six of them for $3
Gorgeous mirror- $3.
Ceramic party snack serving tray- $2 yellow tag so paid $1
Shoes (NWT)- $2.50
Large plastic tray- $1.50 yellow tag so I got it for 75 cents!
Not pictured: Leather men's overnight shaving case (NWT)- $1 for my wonderful travelling businessman hubby. My girlfriend found this, I never would've spotted it and Hubby loves it.
My grand total: $17.99 and several of these things are brand new!

My hanging candles, pretty jar and pretty mirror.
Oh, I have lovely plans for you, my pretties. Mwahahahaaa......!

I just love this 4 piece snack tray! I have visions of serving gourmet looking treats on it during a Twilight party. Ha! We shall see.

Yeah. The plant hanger is nearly 15 bucks brand new!

I'm so happy with my new shoes :). Brand new in a feisty color, how can you go wrong?
And, thanks to this plastic platter, now my downstairs neighbors won't get showered with the runoff water from my large shrub outside. I feel guilty every time I water it and most of the moisture sprinkles down to say howdy to the doorstep below us.

My 87 cent magazine rack has the normal shelves and an adorable little drawer.
Can you hear it? 
It's screaming for paint. Well, I say let's put it out of it's misery. Soon.

Top view, lots of room for reading material.

Each side has cork board which I'm not too crazy about, but for the price, I'll figure out something.

I'm really liking the nonessential handles, though. Not sure why. I just do.
And no, your screen isn't dirty (at least I hope not) the photo is blurry. 

Thanks for stopping by to look at my lovely thrift shop finds! And thank you Amanda for feeding my thrifting addiction! Later then :)


  1. any time it was ablast its hard to find a good thrifting buddy--- amanda


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