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Friday, July 16, 2010

Peaceful Space Inspiration: Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

Today's post is focusing on the little changes that we've made around our little home. The changes are so minor but make a big impact in peace of mind and the overall feel of a space.

I finally put up my plant hange to add a touch of happy (isn't that what all plants are?) to the kitchen/dining area.
Great suggestion, Res. I really like it there.

I changed out the light switch plate in Toa's room. This is from his old nursery in Arkansas. It has so many happy memories attached to it, like the friends who gave it to us and our grand plans as we welcomed our Baby Boy home from the hospital.

You knew it was coming, right? My new addiction, happy growing things. These are all the plants Mom and Dad got me throughout their visit.
Right to left (oh yeah, we're pretending we're Japanese. Don't you feel international?):
Random pretty plant
Azalea bush (to save Mom-mom's Toababy from falling through that gap in the railing!)
African violets
Random tropical plants (what can I say? I like to do my research),
plant box with vines and Mother in law's tongue- a very tough leathery thing (hey, I didn't name it!)
more random pretty plants
an Aloe plant (yay! I finally have one!)
and my die hard African violet from Arkansas.

Continue to the left and up.....
Oo la la!

Spider plant. I miss Mom!

Aren't my plants gorgeous? Thanks to my visiting bro for putting up the hangers and to Mom for being our placement consultant!

Another flea market find that I just fell in love with. A wrought iron coat hanger. LOVE it! Thanks, Dad :)

Of course, I just had to get it on the wall. It now graces the tiny bit of walking space in the living room I like to call, wait for it...... wait for it.....: The Entryway.
Oooooohhhhhh.... Sounds so grand, doesn't it?
In reality, it's the path you'd naturally have to take if you wanted to move forward when coming through the front door, but hey, a girl can dream!
I love the look of it.

More on how the rest of 'The Entryway' is being transformed later. Do you have some tiny adjustments that can be made to make your space more lovable? Don't wait! Get it done so you can enjoy your home! You'll be so glad you did.

UPDATE: 7/29/2010
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