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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spa Night: Brightening Mask

Here I am with my mom, who was such an amazing good sport during her recent visit. She got a crash course in homemade relaxation! It was tons of fun and we got amazing results. I've used the mask pictured here before, but never posted the recipe, so here it is, a homemade brightening mask.

Brightening Mask
-1/4 cup plain yogurt (ooh, homemade yogurt comes in handy!)
-2 Tbs honey
-1/2 tsp turmeric

STEP 1: In a small bowl, combine yogurt, honey and turmeric until well combined.
STEP 2: Add a teaspoon of flour at a time, stirring after each, to form a thick spreadable paste. Think facial masks you buy in the store and go for that consistency, like thick mayonnaise.
STEP 3: Apply evenly over freshly washed face, massaging into skin. Let dry for 10-15 minutes as flour tightens the mask.
STEP 4: When dry, remove the mask by scrubbing with a warm, moist washcloth. This is an extra polishing step, removing dead skin cells. Rinse well and apply your favorite toner and a gentle moisturizer. 
Enjoy your brightened, smooth as silk skin!

-The use of turmeric in facial masks has shown improvement in psoriasis and inflammatory skin conditions, evening out skin tone and promoting healing of open blemishes. Awesome, right? And there are a whole world of amazing things it does for your body when used regularly in cooking.
-Honey is one of my favorite at home antibacterials and skin softening agents!
-Yogurt is full of healthy bacteria and is another gentle softener.
-Use this mask once a week for gradual, brightening results. 

Don't forget to take time for yourself this week! Here's hoping you're able to grab a relaxing moment. Happy pampering!

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