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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Brekkie: Pancakes from a Ketchup Bottle 7/24/2010

This morning, after breakfast (so technically it's not brekkie), I was in the mood for pancakes, but, poor me, I was no longer hungry.
So, I took the newly washed empty ketchup bottle (which my toddler ketchup monster had finished off the other day) and decided to prepare our lunch with it!

Whipping up a basic homemade pancake mix, I added cocoa powder for chocolate pancakes! Woohoo!

The mix went into the fridge to await our grumbly lunchtime stomachs.

Lunch! The skillet was hot in no time. Here's a shot of my homemade pancake dispenser in action.

I remember always wanting to use a ketchup bottle to make funnel cakes ( I LOVE funnel cakes!), but never thought of using it for pancakes until seeing an infomercial for a pancake dispenser.

I made some baby pancakes for Baby Boy and thought, why not toss a few chocolate chips on 'em?
So I did.

Baby Boy was a little apprehensive at first.
I think he thought they might be (gasp!) healthy. Which is odd because he loves healthy stuff!

But soon he was scarfing them down ....

And humming happy pancake songs.

A definite success. Oh, but I was wishing for whipped cream!

Happy Weekend, Beauties!

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