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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Tiebacks that Aren't 7/27/2010

I was so frustrated with these tiebacks! I suppose they looked different in my head. 

Anyway, here's the tutorial which I do not recommend you follow unless you want ridiculously off kilter tiebacks:

STEP 1: Gather your materials

STEP 2: Half-heartedly chop up your gorgeous heavy silk and wince with every cut.
I measured the length with my flower embellished guest bath tiebacks.

STEP 3: Plan out how you want it to look and fold accordingly.

STEP 4: Use fusible web and a hot iron to seal the folds and hold that shape.

STEP 5: Look doubtfully at your finished product.

STEP 6: Tie into place.


Pin into place.
Yes, I know the right one is lower. Still blah and the tiebacks are literally slipping off the too thin curtains.

STEP 7: Fold one row of the pattern to slim it down a bit and pin one tieback into place around both curtains. 
I thought the bit of green in the silk would pop against the deep green drapes. 
Maybe it's the width that's throwing it off for me. Or the texture? I don't know. I just know I don't like them much as tiebacks.

STEP 8: Realize you are so not happy with this in any way, but that it will have to do until further inspiration strikes.
At least with both drapes bunched together like that, the tieback isn't slipping down.

STEP 9: Decide to use the extra tieback as a mini runner under a decorative bowl and call it a day.
I quite like it as a runner! And it does have some gorgeous peacock colors going on. I may just have to give the tiebacks another go with a totally different fabric and be content with my two mini runners. We'll see.
There's beauty even in failure.

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