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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Potato Bread

So, after reading on another blog that they had a favorite recipe for pumpkin bread, I decided to make it and freeze it for Thanksgiving. One less thing I'd have to worry about, right? Well, in the middle of getting out all the ingredients this morning, I realized I didn't have any pumpkin puree. Well, great. But we were saved by the presence of a can of sweet potatoes in the cupboard! I followed the recipe along with some of the modifications in the comment section. I used the canned sweet potatoes that I pureed in the blender instead of pumpkin and just hoped for the best.

It smelled great and the loaves turned out beautifully. Here they are in all their freshly baked glory.

Hubby helped by getting me all the ingredients, greasing and flouring the pans.
What a sweetheart :) Ok, so I'm just lazy, but I love cooking together!

We'll probably fall like locusts on the first one, the second goes in the freezer for Thanksgiving, and the third will be given away to thank somebody for being awesome.

I really love that this recipe was so easy and makes three loaves. I'm definitely hoping to pick up some canned pumpkin and make more to freeze. It would be lovely to stock up on some yummy bready goodness we can have with coffee on cold mornings.

REVIEW: It tastes great! Very buttery and a nice blend of spices without being overpowering. Beautifully moist, bready / cakey texture with a sweet finish. My favorite part was a very thin little crystallized sugary crust that formed on top. I don't like coffee cakes and these types of fruit breads if they are too sweet or drowning in sugary glaze. This recipe will make a repeat appearance in my kitchen, whether it's made with pumpkin or not! 

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