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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011 Baskets

Hubby's and Baby Boy's Easter baskets. 
Baby Boy is going to love that huge thing of bubble mix and then he's going to flip over the green round thing in the back of his basket. Oh yeah, it's a gigantic bubble wand :)

Lots of candy for my sweetie.
If you noticed the makeup wipes and lipstick I threw in for myself, you're one smart sugar cookie ;-)

Bubbles, books, ink stamps, candy, stickers and toys for our big boy.
The toys include the bubble wand, some new cars, an airplane, a truck, a small ball that looks like an Easter egg, a rake and shovel set so he can help Mama with the plants (We already know this is going to be one of his favorite things. He LOVES helping outside), and a kaleidoscope.

Then I had fun putting together my sister's Easter basket. Girly stuff is always more fun :)
She arrives soon and Baby Boy is all in a tizzy about presenting her with her Easter basket because he knows he doesn't get his until she gets here ;-)

I decided to make a sweet girly spring break survival kit for her. I just thought it would be fun since she's coming here for her spring break and the weather's finally warming up around here.

Girly Spring Break Survival Kit
Cute girly travel bag
3 oz refillable travel bottles
A photo of her cute nephew
Chapstick in smoothie flavors. Yum!
Antibacterial gel
On the go makeup cleansing wipes
Peeps marshmallows
Cute bright colored flip flops
Shower poof
Mini manicure set

Top it off with some Easter candy and voila! A grown up girl version of the traditional basket.

The women in my family are crazy great about having some kind of a welcome basket for extended stay guests (and I'm one of the worst ones! I usually forget because I'm too busy last minute cleaning, but I always appreciate the thought when I visit their homes). So here I sit feeling decidedly more welcoming and housewife-ish :)


  1. Hi Kilika...
    Just wondering if Baby is here yet. Praying for you! :)

  2. Thank you Marie! Yes, he's here! Need to post some pics but have been so busy staring at him and enjoying my little family... oh yeah and being happily sleep deprived :)


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