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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spa Night: How I Cut My Hair

I've been doing my own layered cut for several years now. Yes, at HOME. I know I seem very cheap sometimes, but this is not all about the money. I got so tired of going to a professional salon and telling the stylist exactly what I wanted (A trim. Keep the length and add layers everywhere with lots of layers framing my face from the chin up) and leaving a little less richer and with LOTS less hair! They would always chop off at least 4 inches from the bottom and I would leave unhappy. Well, several years ago I searched online for an at home alternative. I can't find that original video, but the one below is exactly how I cut my own layers. I don't do the really short layers and bangs near the face, but I do everything else, including cutting upwards on the pieces of hair combed forward from the crown of the head.

Every now and then I break down and get a professional cut, but I always come home disappointed. So I vow to keep doing it myself... until the next time I'm sucked in by a great deal.

So give it a try if you dare :) I'm definitely happier with my hair when I cut it at home!


  1. Sweet! I'm totally doing this next time! I left my last cut disappointed too. Not as badly as other times, but come on, these people are supposed to KNOW how to cut hair! I took photos and used the most descriptive words I could AND stressed that I didn't want it too short. The back is fine, but I really think the shortest layers just look chopped. Blah! I'm hoping that a couple weeks regrowth will make a big difference! Plus I just got my steam hair setter from Amazon! Gonna try curls today! Woo-hoo! ;-)

  2. I hope you like it once you try it! Yeah, isn't that frustrating going to get it done and coming away with it wrong? The only person who ever cut my hair right was my cousin Juliet, but we live oceans apart now!

    I just re-trimmed mine the other day and I realized all over again how much I love the results of cutting my own hair. That's why I wrote this post, because I went searching in the blog archive for my haircut post (which I just KNEW I wrote) and was surprised that I never had. Ah well. It's here now :) I need to charge my camera and take photos before my layers grow out again!

    Ooh, curls! I'd like to see how it turns out! :)


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