We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 28, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: DAY 6

Day 6: A picture of the person I'd love to trade places with for a day.
I would love to trade places with Iron Chef Morimoto. His cooking techniques are amazing! The way he is constantly learning to fuse the latest tools and methods with traditional flavors just make me want to have a peek into his brain! I've dabbled in Japanese home cooking for the past 2 years and I love it. I could never be as fabulous as this man, but hey, it's kind of his job to be that awesome. 

So yeah, I'd love to be Morimoto with a video camera for a day so I could get some cheats on quality Japanese cooking. 

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