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Friday, January 28, 2011

Eating My Way to Better Health

I have the beginnings of an ear infection. Which is really not fun, but at least it's nothing that can harm the baby. However, I know that if it gets worse, my body will start working hard to fix it and that will take away from the strength I need to keep our little one growing strong. So, being totally convinced of the idea that the correct diet can heal sickness, I've been doing research on what foods and spices specifically help ear infections. Here's what I've found so far:

Fresh garlic- either juiced or chopped up and added to food, it's stellar at fighting any type of infection. One of my cousins actually got me interested in this and I've been researching to find out why garlic is good for you. Google it and you'll find a wealth of information. Powder works okay but fresh is always better. Dice it into really tiny pieces and drink it in hot water as a tea or sprinkle over a green salad with dressing.

Turmeric- A spice that is a proven antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Nice. I love turmeric!

Sea salt- Promotes salivation and when gargled with warm water can help the drainage of all the gunk in your throat (a common side effect of my ear infections).

Ginger- Just like garlic, fresh is better and you can juice it or chop it and add it to whatever you're cooking, a fresh salad or drunk as a tea.

Fish oil- Salmon is my favorite source of Omega fatty acids. I love eating it and I also have supplements I take every day. Omega fatty acids are great for hair and skin and promote the immune system.

So, I've concluded that I'm going to keep taking my Omega fatty acid supplements, and then I'm going to incorporate the rest of the spices/foods into my daily intake. Hopefully the ear infection will be on it's way to healing by next week. I hope so! There's not much you can take for this stuff when you're pregnant and I don't relish the thought of fighting through the pain and dizziness while trying to grow a baby and take care of a toddler. The pain is just beginning so I've got to get a jump on things. Praying it will work! 

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