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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Etsy Shop Celebration and Giveaway!

Hey, Beauties! If you love homemade pretties, take a quick peek at my ToaSamoa Etsy Shop. You can click the previous link or head over to the sidebar and navigate to my Etsy from there. I've just started it up but will constantly be adding new things to it. Inventory will always be changing too, so please add me to your favorites on Etsy.com and don't forget to let me know you stopped by!

Each person who leaves a comment here telling me the specific name of their favorite item in my (sparse-for-now) shop AND what other things they'd be interested in seeing will be entered into a giveaway! One comment for your fave item and one comment for what you'd like to see in my shop in the future. Bam! Possibly 2 giveaway entries per person!
I am looking forward to suggestions, as this is brand new for me, so thanks in advance, you beautiful people!

The prize:  Luscious handmade soaps and a selection of other chemical free beauty products from my favorite little soap shop in the Pacific: Scentual Samoa.

Giveaway ends Sunday Feb 13,2010 and winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day by random generator.


  1. Okay, well my fav item o far is the pretty island wreath!

  2. Some things id like to see in your shop are your homemade spa and beauty treatments! I know you share with us how to do it ourselves, but sometimes I'd rather just buy it! :-)

  3. I would love to see pearl or mother of pearl jewelry! :)

  4. Id actually like to see more wreaths or items to decorate in the 'island' theme. Summer is coming and an island theme is just perfect!


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