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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, February 20, 2011

God Always Provides

So, tomorrow is the start of Baby Boy's birthday week. We have one special gift or activity planned for every day leading up to his birthday. Relatives have been amazing sending boxes and boxes of goodies for our little boy and even sending along little things for our new little one coming in April! So we're pretty much set on the gifts for our birthday boy thanks to our wonderful family.

If you don't know this yet, Hubby works retail and earns a commission, which can be a tricky tricky business. Selling at a large furniture store is hard work! Especially now when the economy leaves more and more people opting to buy used furniture instead of new (ahem, like us!). It goes without saying that some weeks the pickings are slim. But the Lord always makes sure we have enough. Always. Well, our God has just proved again that He cares, even about the little things. We have enough groceries to get to the next paycheck, but the big finale for Birthday Week is to have a picnic at a park & playground. It's more frugal to make the picnic food, but even making it will be a bit of a stretch this week. I know lots of people have it harder than this, I'm not complaining, simply giving you background for the blessing I'm about to share.

It will only be the three of us so we decided on a simple menu of:
Deviled eggs
Wahoo Sandwiches (already have the ingredients)
Cupcakes (from scratch, always have the ingredients)
Ice Cream
With lots of crystal light and juice (got these in the cupboards too)

So we figured out our budget and were elated to see that we could make Birthday Week and the actual birthday happen! But only if I used some coupons to get a few free items to get us through this week so we could afford the extra and pay our bills (pesky bills).

A few weeks ago, we received store coupons for Dillons where we have a free customer rewards card. I decided to go to the store and use the free coupons. Imagine my surprise when I actually got in the store and took a look at the coupons we had for free items.

Free Cheerios! Baby Boy eats these every day either for breakfast or a snack.
Free potato chips for the picnic!
A dozen free eggs for our yummy picnic side dish.
And free ice cream for the picnic! You can't say God doesn't care about the little things.

These few items are a HUGE blessing to us this week! It may seem silly to some, but I'm overwhelmed with the way the Lord provides. It always happens. Week by week in this terrible economy, we don't have the means and sometimes are a bit anxious. But when we give it over to the Lord, He always provides in big financial ways and in small yummier ways :)

I Chronicles 16:8 "Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people."


  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us, it encourages me!

  2. Wow we sometimes forget how well the Lord provides. Jon and I are very fortunate and reading this makes me realize just how much so. We love you guys.


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