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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cardboard Tube Flower Wreath

So I had a bunch of these. Yes, those are empty toilet paper tubes.

As one of my oldest, dearest friends asked, "Why are you using those?"
And I answered what seems to be a running theme for my frugal crafting: "Because I've already paid for it!"
I used to be the girl who saved up to buy cardboard/chipboard/construction paper from a craft store for my projects, not realizing that many of those items formed the packaging of things I normally buy.
I just hate to waste packaging. Now, if it can be recreated into something beautiful or functional, I'll use it.

Anyway, I had the tubes, but hadn't figured out what to do with them. Until looking at different wreaths people are making out of unusual materials.

Then all it took was cutting up the tubes into 1/4 inch crosswise pieces and hot gluing them together in flower shapes. Some more hot glue to attach them in a circle and soon I had a wreath. I hoped to paint it silver, but the weather hasn't allowed it. And since I don't have a garage, it's had to stay as is.

I'm itching to slap a big bow on it but am trying to enjoy the minimalism for now
It's starting to grow on me, though, and I think it will serve as a pretty frame for the Christmas cards from friends and family. We received our first two cards! Which means, I'm late in sending mine out. Ah well. Now I have a project to work on tonight :)

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