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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snapfish 50 FREE Prints w/ FREE Shipping

Hip2Save posted another deal earlier that I just couldn't afford to miss! Check out her post here.

I ended up with 100 free prints for $2.55!

I was immediately credited for 50 prints because it was my first time signing up on Snapfish. Sweet bonus!
Once I saw that, I uploaded 50 more photos because I figured I should take advantage of the deal. 
I used the promo code HPINK50 (suggested by Hip2Save) to get my other 50 prints free as well.

Here's my order summary:

37  4x6 print(s) 3.33

63  4x5.3 trueDigital print(s) 5.67

50  Credit 4x6 print(s) -4.50

cost of prints: 4.50
HPINK50: -4.50

subtotal: 0.00
standard S&H: 5.89
MO sales tax: 0.10

total: 2.55

So if you're new to Snapfish like me, you can pay less than $5 for 100 prints, depending on tax where you live.

Or just stick with the original plan and get 50 free prints with free shipping by using Promo code HPINK50.

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