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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sugar Cookie Countdown Chain

I wanted to make an advent calendar for Christmas, but Hubby got me a perfectly cute one last week, so that was covered.

Then I made too many sugar cookies the other day and realized after stuffing the stockings and sharing some, we could use them to count down for another event. We have been building up the excitement for Baby Boy because his Nana is spending Christmas with us. She arrives a few days before Christmas, so I made an angel cookie chain to help Baby Boy keep track of when we get to see her.

I want to remember this and make it our advent calendar next year! It's really cute and a fun way for kids to look forward to counting down.

Here's how the chain was made:

Lay out as many cookies as days down the center of a long strip of plastic wrap.
Be sure to leave a bit of room between them so they can be tied off.
I have the cookies face down so the folds of the plastic wrap will be in the back.

Fold one side, then the other of the plastic wrap to seal the cookies in.
You can tape it shut, but the wrap clings to itself so I left it.

Using a simple knot, tie one end off. Make sure it's secure! I tied it several times and left the ends long.
Work your way up the chain, tying between each cookie.
Slide a scissors blade across the ribbon strands to curl and voila!

Make a loop at the top for hanging.
Baby Boy loved holding it while I explained what it was for.

Then we hung it with our advent calendar so we can move the snowflake marker to count down to Jesus' birthday, and snip off the daily cookie to count down to Nana's arrival.

I would love to make one of these chains for the entire month of December next year!


  1. What a yummy way to look forward to my visit. I can hardly wait. I am so looking forward to it. Hugs and kisses for your sweet boy. Love you.

  2. I love it! Would love to feature on my site sis! Awesome and cute idea to even countdown the days!

  3. Thanks, Sueberry! So glad we found another excuse to eat more cookies! :)

    Yay, Nana! See you soon :) Love you!

    Ida- Why thank you! Would not mind a bit if you featured this post :) Manuia le Kerisimasi!


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