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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: S'mores Preparation

We're planning on having Christmas Eve S'mores, and I had an idea that would allow us to cut down a bit on our larger than usual grocery bill. You know how it is, when there's a holiday dinner to be planned, ya splurge a little. I'm so happy we'll be having a 'splurgy' dinner, but I also don't mind saving a bit too ;-)

So when we went to pick up our groceries I was excited to see a flavor of Graham crackers I hadn't tried before: Cinnamon. They look the same except topped with cinnamon sugar. Yum! So we grabbed that for our S'mores and were about to pick up some chocolate bars when inspiration hit. I was having trouble finding some chocolate that hadn't been made on the same equipment as chocolate with nuts in it and then I remembered I had a bag of nut free chocolate melts at home. Y'know the kind, you melt 'em down and then pour them into molds for pretty shapes without having to temper the chocolate? Well, we came home with our Grahams and large marshmallows and today I 'tweaked' the crackers to make them ready for Christmas Eve.

Two ingredients: crackers and melts. Add melts into a bowl and microwave, following directions until chocolate is a smooth liquid.

While chocolate is melting, break graham crackers in half.
Baby Boy was very insistent on his truck helping by holding down the wax paper.

"Butter" crackers with melted chocolate and let cool.

Oh yeah, we didn't waste any :)

After they were fully cooled, here they are all bagged up and ready for some roasted marshmallows :) Ah, I love using what I have! It makes life more fun.

Wishing you lots of delicious holiday goodness!

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  1. LOVE your idea. It will probably make less of a mess too. Hugs for all of you.


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