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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Shelf

A few things piled onto a shelf for some Christmas cheer

-Dollar Tree stretch canvas painting I've had for a while. Painted it black and added a decal I had custom made from Vista Print. Check them out! Their promos feature free customized items you only have to pay shipping for.
-Recognize the Dollar Tree glasses from my Valentine center piece? A quick makeover and I had a pretty display for my extra ornaments.

Probably my favorite part of this shelf is this simple wreath I made with Samoa in mind.
-The beautiful fabric was leftover from this made over key holder craft.
-The flowers were part of one of the many flower hair clips I wear and the silk leaves were found at the bottom of my craft supply box. A little hot glue can be magical.

-Next we have one of the large Ball jars we buy our milk in, with a little scrap silver silk ribbon tied around the lid.
-The last of the Valentine glasses.
-A cleaned out candle jar with lid. I tied a bit of the fabric from the wreath around the lid to cover that white plastic seal candle jars have and tie the whole shelf together.

The last jar makes me all misty- eyed. It's filled with all of Baby Boy's ornaments from his first Christmas. They are heavy white and blue clay figures in the shape of a stroller, teddy bear, baby shoes, blocks, pacifier, baby bottle, and rocking horse. A few of them say "Baby's First Christmas".


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