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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hope for OCM Ravaged Skin

Just wanted to post a recent photo to let any of you who are dealing with fallout from the Oil Cleansing Method, if you stop now there is hope! Click here to read my post about how bad my skin became after faithfully using OCM in hope of better skin. Warning: The photos are gross and embarrassing, but true. I'd rather post them and save someone else the trouble than care about my being embarrassed.

So here I am now. Yay! I know I look tired. Forget that. Look at my skin.

I am not wearing foundation. My skin is not totally healed, but it's looking much better and I have to say with all my frustrations, there's only one combination that works: Drink lots of water, keep skin clean and pray pray pray! I'm back to using only my herbal soap and water. If I get really oily, I swipe a toner soaked cotton pad over my Tzone. That's it! Hope to be able to wear foundation again soon :)

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