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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awesome Walgreens Trip 2/5/10

I decided to go to Walgreens and check out their Register Rewards (RR) which is electronic money you earn by buying certain products. You can use RR bucks towards your next purchase and if you do it right, you can save money! So here's my first attempt:
Zicam $10 + $3 Coupon= $7 ~Received $7 RR so it was FREE!~
Blink eye drops $7.99 ~Received $8 RR so it was FREE!~
Joint Juice Glucosamine $10 ~Received $10 RR so it was FREE!~
TTL: $30.51
Received $25 RR so I basically paid $5.51 for these three items

2 gallons 2% milk $2.89 each
1 gallon Vit D milk $2.99
2 LOreal mascara @ $7.99 each + sale BOGO 50% off+ $2 Store Coupon+ $1 Manufacturer Coupon= $8.99 FOR BOTH!
28ct fruit snacks $5
TTL before adjustments: $31.52
I used $17 of the $25 RR earned from the first transaction.
TTL after coupons and using RR: $5.52!!

3 two liter sodas @ $1.99 each
2 instant noodle cups 2 for $1
2 candy bars @ 69 cents each
TTL: $8.77
TTL after using $8 RR earned from first transaction: 77 CENTS!

So, in the end I got $70.80 worth of groceries for $11.80. Awesome! Even if you look at it the other way and say that we paid $36.80, we still ended up with almost double what we paid out of pocket. That would make it $34 in free groceries. I'm SO excited! And Hubby's so proud of me! How cute of him :) I couldn't have done this without first being inspired by Adventures of a Wannabe Cheapskate, so thank you Barbie, for opening my eyes. More deals to come!

My favorite part of this trip was getting 3 gallons of milk for free! And then mascara is insanely expensive and I just ran out, so this deal was perfect. It's hard to find good mascara for $4.50 a tube, so I'm over the moon about that.

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