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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Week Day 1

Today's the start of my Baby's birthday week! Yay! Well, technically it isn't an entire week, but whatever. So, because it's the first day of his birthday week, Baby Boy got to open a present! He'll get a small gift every day from now until Friday when he'll receive his bigger presents, most of them Handy Manny themed. I'm cutting it really close with the party decorations, cake, etc. Tomorrow I absolutely must finish sewing his birthday crown and tool belt. I'm so glad I have the use of a sewing machine for that. Using a machine is so much easier and fun! Most of the time it's fun. My last sewing session made me want to kick something give up, but even though it was slow going, things got done. Wednesday, I'll focus on making the fondant decorations for the cake. I picked up my first fondant kit and am itching to start but I need to finish everything else before I let myself play with fondant. Ah well.

Baby Boy received a card in the mail. It included a special surprise that had my little boy squealing "Ooooohhhhhh!!! Stehkuhs!". We put the card and stickers up on a shelf in the dining room so he can enjoy looking at them all week.

Just had to let him try out a few :) He was so proud of his stickers.

Ahhh, the first birthday gift of the week: Little Rascals on DVD. Baby Boy got to watch it right after opening it. I think he enjoyed the Heman Woman Haters Club a little too much, but oh well. It was fun watching his reaction to the little kiddies and their antics. More goodies to come!

This sweet package of little boy sunshine is my motivation to be a better person and to live purposefully. I want to enrich his life and teach him to treasure the little things.

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