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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Continuing to Create

Got my stuff together and tried to decide on a pretty and functional center piece for the dining table.
Here are the things I want to use for Valentine's Day.
Back row: Edible peel and place designs, candy hearts, red potpourri.
Middle row: Dollar Tree glasses. I experimented on one of them with a wire heart garland (also from DT), but didn't like the look.
Front row: Saucers, rose lollipops (DT), 4inch heart motif candle, the rest of the heart garland, candles I had lying around, and pink paper plates (DT).

Getting everything together really put me in a crafty mood. I finally picked up more little gift bags from Dollar Tree and made goody bags/placecards for myself and Baby Boy. They're a little different from the others, but I still like them.

I arranged another garland on the wall mirror shelf thingy. Delightfully overflowing love : ). It doesn't really show up in the picture, but I really like it. Found a home for the 4" candle. A lovey dovey photo of me and my Pele, and I love U 'spelled' out complete the little presentation. The I and U were originally created for my Valentine's wreath, but didn't work out. The glitter heart is a Valentines Day card I helped Baby Boy make for his Daddy.

Slapped some sappy words on a spare gift bag for Hubby's Valentine's gift from me :)

I decided to fill the glasses with red potpourri and turn them over to use as candle sticks. After gluing pink circles onto the rims of the cups to hold in the potpourri, patterned paper left over from my heart garland gave them a finished look.
My Valentine's centerpiece with Hubby's gift behind. I love how the textured glass stems look. They're the original reason I bought the glasses. It took a little bit of experimenting, but I'm so happy with these!

UPDATE: July 23, 2010 
I'm joining my first linky party with this craft because it's the first one I could think of. Hopefully I didn't break any rules by linking an old craft, I don't know how these parties work. It seems like fun, though, and I'm excited to finally join a few!

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