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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Retail Therapy

1st Transaction

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $8.99-$1 Coupon-$3RR= $4.99

Joy dish soap 99cents w/Store Coupon-30cent Coupon= 69 cents

3 Truffle Crisp candy bars 3/$2- $1RR= 33 cents each

Orig TTL: $13.86

Used $10RR

PAID: $1.56!! For diapers! Are you kidding me! LOVE this!

SAVED: $12.30
Earned $4RR

2nd Transaction

2/$10- $3Coupons-$5RR=$1each

Candy bars 3/$2- $1RR= 33 cents each

TTL: $11.52

Used $3RR.

PAID: $5.52!

SAVED: $6.00
Earned $6RR

IMPORTANT: I found out something that will totally change the way I strategize my Walgreens purchases. You are only allowed 1 coupon per item purchased. Example: If you buy 2 items you can use 2 coupons and Register Rewards (RR) are counted as coupons. I had only planned to get the two medicines in this transaction and use a $6RR coupon and a $3RR coupon to pay for them, leaving me only more than a dollar out of pocket. But since I already used 2 manufacturer coupons, I couldn't pay with my two RR coupons because that would be a total of 4 coupons used for 2 items, which is not allowed. So I threw in 3 candy bars, leaving me room for more coupon usage. For some reason, the computer wouldn't allow me to use my $6RR so I used the $3RR. Paid more than I wanted to, but oh well. I'll know better next time.

3rd Transaction
Fusion Razor $8.99-$4 Coupon-$4RR= 99 cents

Candy bars 3/$2- $1RR= 33 cents each

TTL: $11.79

Used $10RR

PAID: $1.79!

SAVED: $10

Earned $5RR

4th TransactionVenus Razor $8.99- $2 Coupon- $4RR= $2.99

Olay BodyWash $5.29-FREE Coupon= FREE!

2 Candy bars 69 cents each (added to make a total of 5 items so I could pay with two RR coupons)

TTL: $16.86

Used $16RR, some of it earned in the previous 3 transactions
PAID: $1.57!!
SAVED: $15.29
Earned $4RR

This deal was FUN! I had a coupon for $2 off a Venus razor and another coupon for a FREE Olay body wash with the purchase of a Venus Razor. And we earned $4RR! Awesome!

I'm very happy with this trip to Walgreens. It took a ton of planning, but we did great! Planning is tedious, since I'm more of a spontaneous kind of gal, but definitely worth it for savings of this magnitude. We ended up bringing home $54.03 worth of items for only $10.44! A total of $43.59 in savings! Plus, we walked in with $17RR and walked away with $10RR to use next time. Very cool!

There's more, but I'm out of time. We also snagged some deals at Target and WalMart, but I'll post about that later. Tomorrow I am taking a self imposed break from couponing (it's so addicting!) and focusing on Valentine's Day and Baby Boy's birthday arrangements.

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